Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

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Chartered IT Professional (CITP) | Become chartered | Membership | BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

Anyone went for it yet ? I find the cost associated with it quite high and I am not sure I can see the benefits of it.

Not sure I ever had an employer asking to be CITP certified. Maybe it influences some, but I am not sure how known this is ..
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    I know that in the Finance world, the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is the cream of the crop credential. Costs a lot, and is extremely rigorous in learning and obtaining. I'm not sure if this organization and credential is held in as high regard in the IT industry, but I will do some more research to see what they are about.
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    Just noticed it on some CTO / CIO LinkedIn Profiles and it certainly looks achievable .. just not sure I want to spend an annual fee for that.
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    It annoys me when certifications have the same acronyms - AICPA - The CITP Credential

    Makes it hard to differentiate between the two.
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    Great .... I still think the whole re-use of Microsoft's "MCSE" is the most annoying one.
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    In the UK there are two professional/chartered registrations for IT Professional (not including the IEng or the CEng as that's more for engineering, so doesn't fit every IT Pro), the CITP and the ICTTech.

    The CITP is the Chartered IT Professional status offered by the BCS and demonstrates/show that you work at least on level 5 or above on the SFIA.
    The ICTTech status is offered by the ECUK and demonstrates that you work at least on level 3 or above on the SFIA.

    (Sorry a little bit of background for those that don't know).

    Back to the original poster...

    Yes, I'm a CITP, got it back in 2008. I've seen it listed on some higher level IT jobs and some IT management positions, but not all. I know that when I create the job adverts for I always like membership into professional bodies a desirable aspect of a candidate (not a mandatory aspect).

    A couple of the issues, I believe when it comes to the CITP (and the ICTTech) is as follows:

    1. The CITP is a fairly new Chartered status when compared to other Chartered statuses. It was only released back in 2004, so it hasn't had the time behind it like the CEng, the Chartered Accountant, Chartered librarian, Chartered teacher, etc.

    2. The IT Field is one of the few non-profession profession. As in the IT Profession the following are voluntary: professional association, cognitive base, institutionalized training, licensing, work autonomy, colleague control and code of ethics. Again unlike other professions, eg nurses, teachers, lawyers, etc...

    As for whether it's worth it, only you can answer that. I went for (and keeping) my CITP to demonstrate my professionalism and to show my support of the IT profession. If there's a job that required it, then so be it, I meet that criteria.
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    Thanks for the comprehensive answer - appreciate it.
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