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Hey Guys. I am stuck in the 76-77% range on all practice tests I do. I have gone over all the chapters. I can't seem to get out of that range. Anybody have any pointers. Any good study sources for the Performance questions. Or easy way to remember the 802.? standards?


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    I was in the same situation as you, don't let the practice exam define if your ready or not. The practice exams are gear to identifying areas of weakness. Here's what you do, Go to Professor Messer site and dedicate at least 5-6 days to watch and understand all the objectives. Day 1 Look at all the video in Objective 1.0, once you completed the video take the practice test for 1.0 only. Based on the results you will identify your strength and weakness, in addition refer to the book as you go through the videos. I did this method for the A+ and Network+ exam........ It made me understand the material a lot more. Also create your own personal study guide where you can write down quick notes for yourself.
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    Sure 802.3 Ethernet think of the 3 and flip it around so it is an E (if it makes sense.) 802.5 Token Ring. The bottom portion of the 5 almost looks like a circle or a "ring". Think of some weird study tips like this and you should be fine (those are 2 of my ways of remembering these 802 technologies.) In regards to performance based questions, can't really help you out there. It varies from person to person. Best advice I can give, NO BRAINDUMPS! From what I remember from my exams (no breaking NDA) is that they are more scenario based questions with some GUI (this varies from test to test)
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