Is the old ICND1(640-822) cert still valid for sitting in new ICND2(200-101)?

p1xelsp1xels Member Posts: 114 ■■□□□□□□□□
I was very shocked & equally angry to hear someone saying that the old ICND1(640-822 exam) exam is no more valid for taking the new ICND2 exams(200-101)!!!
Thats why I feel Engineering or recognized University degrees are far better as a proof one's abilities than this vendor-based certificates which keep on changing. To those who support these type of updates , may I ask why in Science or Tech based degree courses ,the degrees still remains as BSc or B.Tech or MCA even after change of syllabus? And remember ,that even with change in syllabus those who have already passed as Engineering or B.Sc. Graduates are still considered as Science or Engineering graduates even after 100 years!
What our parents passed some 50 years back are still considered as graduation even after vast change in syllabus and some of them are highly technical courses like Engineering or Medicine. That doesn't mean they have to resit the exams to prove themselves as a Doctor /Engineer/Lawyer or even as a Simple Graduate !


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