Career Academy Subscription?

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First time post here after a few weeks of certification information hunting.

First just want to say a big thank you to this community who has already contributed so much to my decision making. I'm about to embark on an intense series of certifications to bolster my 5+ years of uncertified (autodidact) IT system administrator work, with a focus on InfoSec.

My first question is whether anyone has comment on the value of Career Academy's subscription model, "InfoSec and IT Certification Training All Access" at InfoSec and IT Certification Training All Access - InfoSec and IT, Project Management & Office Productivity Online Certification Training

Basically it's $99/month for as long as you like, and covers a wide range of certification courses. They don't offer Red Hat certs and the CEH course lacks a lab.

For $999 per year, you can add the practice labs for many- not all- of the courses.
Live Mentoring can be added at $100 per course.

My searches on this form haven't turned up much about their online delivery, or the subscription model. Interesting to note that their product seems to be resold/rebadged by many other providers, so this is coming from the source, but without many of the value added items like books or standalone courseware.

Compared to some other montored online solutions, it seems like a very good deal. Is it really?
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