Net+ Instruction, What Would Help?

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Hopefully my question doesn't violate any rules, but I am looking for some feedback on areas to focus on to help Net+ students. The test is broad and the place I instruct at pretty much boot camps them. It is part of a training environment where students have to learn the material in 14 days and take the test (vouchers are bought for them). They go through A+, but many have no real experiance besides that class (they do not take the certification test though, unless they choose to pay for it). So far we have had a pretty high pass rate, but I am always looking to improve the class.

So, topics that seem to require extra focus:
OSI Model
Command Lines
Port Numbers

Was there any other topics that seemed to be really focused on? Ie, just the topic in general. I am not looking for specific questions on the test.

Also, from the comments, it seems like maybe classroom memory games would help?

Thank you in advance for any input.


  • quickman007quickman007 Member Posts: 195
    I don't think so. Those are mainly the topics I saw a lot of, can't think of anything else prominent. They really hammered on the WiFi questions, not sure why, I thought they were some of the easiest questions on the test.
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