Cisco Objectives and Packet Tracer

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I'm racing to the finish to take ICND2 in a couple of weeks. So my study this week has to do with FHRP. I noticed that
Packet Tracer does not support VRRP and GLBP.

So I got to thinking that maybe one would not see the above mentioned protocols on the ICND2 exam if Cisco didn't add it to Packet Tracer. VRRP is for compatibility with other vendors, the same as the OSPF routing protocol--but OSPF is *all over* CCNA exams and it is in Packet Tracer.

I have real hardware, but none of my 26XXs have two FAs. (Unless, one can do redundancy/load balance over WAN links? )

Any comment from the Gurus on my speculation?

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    No one can tell you what is on the exam or not. I'd take a look over the objectives and make sure you know everything there.
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