Career wise is programming or system administration better

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Most of my employment skills are working help desk and technical support for xbox, cable company and FedEx online. I have good knowledge on Windows Xp, 7, server 2008 is pretty easy. Have been trying to do Linux certification as I signed up for Linux + but it's been a hard learning curve and a bit of a nightmare. I will finish course and succeed in it but I am looking for developing a path that will in this next year get me into a new career and give me very valuable skills in that timeframe. I had interest in programming careers as I see there is especially a lot of career potential in mobile apps and web services/development. I only really have skills on programming side with some HTML and XML, had interest in PHP. I want to work on a server support role and web services has definitely been where my dream of being in IT career began. I just ended up working more in help desk and did network administration in tech school and college but sometimes still wondered and want to know how to work in a Web support/services role or deal with like Apache server and etc.. Would anyone suggest I learn more programming and do languages as PHP, Python or some JavaScript , Ruby on Rails or do system administration like Linux+ and MCSE? What do you think the best strategy is as well on timeframe to master these areas enough to be at least in a mid level career? What is the path to server and web services support? Please help me find best path for me to go?


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    That is like asking if apples or oranges are better. Both have plenty career opportunities to make good money. The time frame really depends on so many factors. How fast can you learn? Can you find a job to let you get the experience? Are you in a good area for these types of jobs? Can you get on with a company with possibilities for advancement?
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    Those two things are sooo very different from each other that you really can't compare them. Do the one you like.
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