DHCP on a vlan

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Hey guys,

I think I already know the answer to this but I figured I'd ask anyways.

On my home network I use the Sonicwall TZ 210 as my non-lab DHCP server. So I have my MDF using vlan 1 as the default subnet that the 210 is connect and this works fine.

I have 3 Cisco 1262 AP's that are connected to vlan 3 with a qos priority of 7 (vlan 1 qos of 1) I can connect to the internet perfectly fine if I statically assign my laptop inside of the ports on vlan 3 but I can't get dynamic to work. my 6 IP-based linksys cameras are on vlan 2 with a qos priority of 3. - (to me the higher the qos number the more priority, I could have that wrong though)

I'm using ip helper-address to redirect to the Sonicwall but I feel the sonicwall can only do one scope at a time.

I think my only solution is this: setup a vm on the 610's and make a vlan 3 that then connects on port 7 on Nic 2 on the 610 and connect it directly to a port on a vlan 3 on the switch and then point the ip helper-address to that DHCP server OR I could just use small Raspberry PII book server with linux on it and use that has a ghetto dhcp server. I mean unless there is a way to allow the HP Procurve to do dhcp on the vlan itself but I don't think this is possible, perhaps with an addon module. - I do have a i3 optiplex computer that has 2008 R2 on it I could use that has a ghetto dhcp server but again a bit overkill kind of like the a vm solution, lol.

let me know what you guys think...
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