associate Mc id With Prometric Id - Problem

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before i start my topic let me apologize if i created this topic in wrong section.

right now,I have big problem with prometric and i hope someone here can help me or show me the way. let me explain about my situation.I'm certified on 2009 with pass 7 exams on network engineering.because of one problem on those years i created new Microsoft account and Prometric account.i passed two last of my exams with new profiles,after that,i sent request to microsoft in order to merge my profiles and everything was good.

Right now i want to register new exam MB2-700 on prometric and after i go through register proccess, i notice that section related to my Microsoft account (include Mc id and Email address) on last Prometric registration proccess web page is wrong. that mc id and email address not exist anymore. i contacted prometric and ask to modify it to my recent and only Mc Id i have but they tell me i have to call microsoft for this i took there advice and called to microsoft department and they said its not relavant to us and you have to call prometric directy for resolve this issue.
so right now i don't know which one of this company can solve my problem?i'm really confused!

For better Understanding(clreafication)
Years 2005 => Mc Id:XXXXXX. and Mc Id:YYYYY=> Merged and survived Mc Id: YYYYYY
Right now -Years 2014 =>My Prometric Id:ZZZZZZZ with Mc Id: XXXXXX( not exist anymore on DB Microsoft) and need to modify to YYYYYYY

Thanks for your Concern


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    no one have any idea about my issue?!
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    Contact prometric and have copies of your passed test score printouts (from the day of your exam), they should be able to help you out. No one here will have the ability to change your ID.

    Did you test at the same location for all? That may make it easier? don't know.
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