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So I bought the MCSA exam pack a few months back so I could get the 3 exams with second shots that would be good to the end of the year. I booked the 70-410 back in June but kept postponing it as I never got around to studying and finally just booked it for July 25th and told myself to take it if your ready or not. Well all I ended up doing was watching the videos as well as the videos the last couple weeks and figured well I will just go see what its like. I went in fully 100% expecting to fail because of all the fails I have seen recently.

The exam had 55 questions with 2 hours to take it. There were many idiotic worded questions and one that didn't even have the correct answer relating to Hyper-V. I marked about 10 questions for comment and let them know that I thought their exam sucked. I feel that there were about 3-5 trick questions even though they claim that they don't do that. I didn't even have enough time during the comments section to finish telling them how I felt about the questions. Once I clicked next I was very surprised to find out I passed. I ended up getting a 725 which in the end I am fine with because most of this was done with my current experience more than anything else. I felt during the test like I knew most of the questions but at the same time they were such horrific questions that I was just unsure.

My recommendations are know powershell commands. The switches to those commands are not as important. In the end if you can read a powershell script and understand what is happening then you should be fine. Also know Hyper-V and ipv6. I hate that they test on ipv6 since its not really a real world scenario for 99% of companies and I let them know that. I would rather be tested on relevant tech then something that most won't implement till at minimum the next version of Windows server or longer. I got nothing on ipv4 which is stupid to me.

Good luck to everyone.


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