Need some help with Access Based Enumeration windows 2008 R2

sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
I have a shared folder called "shared" and there are other sub-folders:


I gave a user(Bob) full control to the Analytics folder and read permission to the "shared", "traders", "trading" and "software". I also enabled ABE from the file sharing role. The problem is that Bob can still see all other folders. How do i fix this?


  • lsud00dlsud00d Posts: 1,571Member
    How are you viewing it?
    This feature is active only when viewing files and folders in a shared folder; it is not active when viewing files and folders in the local file system.
  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    I am viewing from a mapped shared drive. I have a login script that maps the "shared" drive.
  • aftereffectoraftereffector Posts: 525Member
    Dumb question, but you did uncheck the "child folder" option, right?
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    What child folder option? Are you talking about the "replace all child objects with inherit permission"?
  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    I figured it out. I had to set the advance NTFS permission to "this folder only".
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