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I studied for and attempted the composite exam for CCNA 200-120 on May 7, 2014 and did not pass, I got a 450 out of 825. I think my lack of hands on lab experience is what really hurt my scores, because most of the simulations I simply could not do, I just clicked "next". I tried, but it took too much time for me to figure out the answer, so I had to move on to the next question. I plan to retake the exam in the future, after obtaining my MCSA Windows server 2012.

I am looking at these kits at this website:

Cisco Certification Kits: CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, used and new router and switches.

I had a basic kit in mind and was ready to buy it but now I cant find it and the link I saved, just takes me to a page that says "product not found" so I don't even know if they have the kit that I was looking at anymore.

here is the link to the "product" they dont have anymore:

(cisco-dual-2501-2900-switch-ccna-kit) I think it was 2 switches and 1 router, I am not totally sure. It was a kit for $189.99

custom ccna kit?products_id=1481

I just need the most basic, most economic solution for lab study for this exam. Which kit would you recommend?

The closest kit I could find was this one:

basic 2 router 2 switch kit

but its $224.99 and the kit I saw was $189.99.

Any recommendations for a lab kit that is economic, and viable for labbing for the CCNA composite exam 200-120?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, it doesn't have to be from the site I linked, but I only have a budget of around $189.99 to work with (this is because that is the amount of funds the Department of Rehabilitation has given me to buy the kit, and now its not available, so I now have to find something comparable to the original kit I was looking at, which I cant even find anymore) So, my budget is $189.99-$200, around that. I can afford to put in a few extra bucks out of pocket to get something that would get me a lab kit that I can work with.
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    I don't know much about the 1760 routers but the basic 2 router 2 switch lab will cover most of what you need. I have purchased from the site and had no problem with what they provided. I actually like there lab book just because I prefer having a hard copy in front of me that I can write notes in.

    I will say the same thing I always say. When you buy a kit you are paying a premium for someone else to put the kit together. You will usually get slightly older equipment for a slightly higher price then if you put it together on ebay yourself.

    You should seriously consider getting a copy of packet tracer and GNS3. Simulations give you everything you need test wise. Real equipment is great but strictly for the test you can use simulators.

    Good Luck!
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    1760 with 32mb of flash you can later on use for voice labs if you choose to go that route....another thing I like about 1760 is how little power they use.

    As others have covered this before, with a kit the nice thing is it's all there, tested and working, so if you are short on time and want it ready to go, it's not a bad price. Can you save a little bit of cash by picking the items yourself on ebay/craigslist yes, is it 1/2 the price, no, so it's your choice.

    PacketTracer isn't free, you have to be in a cisco academy to get it, and for GNS3 you'll need to track down ISO files as well.

    But, the nice thing is you have a bunch of choices.
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