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Hi everyone. I've been working with Linux (RHEL/CentOS) for about two years in various capacities. These past 6 months I've really started working a lot with RHEL at work, and CentOS at home (various CentOS 6 based VM's as well as a couple CentOS EC2 builds for site hosting) and I want to move into working more with Linux, thus I want to use certification paths to learn.

So I was going to work on my RHCSA 6, but it looks like I can no longer go to my local PearsonVUE to test it since RHCSA 7 is out. Since there are many changes in 6 vs 7 (systemd, firewalld, etc), I'm going to wait and do my RHCSA on v7 once training content comes out (i.e., Jang's book, etc -- 6 months out?). In the meantime, I was thinking why not do LPI certs.

I recently started watching the CBT Nuggets for Linux Essentials (very recent content, to fill in some gaps with my current basic experience). Since that Linux Essentials Certificate is $110, I'll probably sit the test. From there I plan to focus on my LPIC-1 (117-101, 117-102). However, after I get my LPIC-1, should I work toward my LPIC-2 or would that be pointless since I want to get my RHCSA and RHCE on v7?

Is the LPIC-1 a vendor neutral version of the RHCSA (i.e., similar tested content)? I'm aware that the LPIC is multiple choice while RHCSA is hands on, so that's definitely a big difference.
Is the LPIC-2 a vendor neutral version of the RHCE (i.e., similar tested content)?



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    LPI is vendor neutral, all of their exams.
    LPI has less market recognition than RHCE. In terms of material coverage LPI covers more than RHCSA/CE
    If I were you I would go for the RHCE, its harder, and you need to prove real skills to pass it.
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