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Hi all,
I was trying this HSRP lab and somehow its not working as I desired . I have given a link attached to the packet tracer file where you can see there are 2 groups of computers on left and right side attached to a L2 switch which is further connected to 2 routers R1 and R5. I have /24 as Standby Virtual ip for the default gateway of Group1 and /24 as Standby Virtual ip for the default gateway of Group2. I have given as to the PCs on the left(inside the green circle) and to the PCs on the right side(inside the blue circle). But when I am trying to ping the Server0 ,the ping is not working.
As soon as I chang the to and for the respective groups the ping again seems to work.
Why the standby virtual ip's are not working? Can anyone here please suggest some solution?
Here is the link to my file : HSRP-MULTI GROUP.pkt - Speedy Share - upload your files here


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    HSRP is per subnet load balancing, GLBP will be able to do what you want to achieve.
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    Hi Magic_johnson,Do you mean I can't achieve this with HSRP? But I have created 2 groups with different virtual gateways. Plz someone tell me how can I do these with HSRP only.

    With Regards
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    No. You aren't achieving redundancy (this is FHRP afterall) by having two different groups in the same subnet. It's one group per subnet, 1 router is active 1 is standby. The standby doesn't do anything except listen for the other router going down.

    If you had VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 you could have R1 as active for VLAN 10 and R2 as standby for VLAN 10, and R2 as active for VLAN 20 and R1 as standby for VLAN 20.

    I'm sure that's correct.
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    Thanks Johnson for the advices. So you mean without a vlan its not possible to load balance? That is if I want the leftside green PCs to ping the server through the Router R1 on the left & the right-side blue PCs to ping through the right side router R5,then we have to take 2 vlans with separate subnets and then assign each to a different HSRP group?
    Do you mean that?
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    Yaha. I haven't looked at your diagram as I don't have packet tracer installed but assuming they are all in the same subnet then yes.

    Check out Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP).
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    Hmm its strange to hear that you dont have PT. I think its strange that you are studying cisco networking and dont have a PT file. Its not very difficult to download since most people get them somehow or through sharing ,you dont have to be a student of Cisco academy.
    Further its strange to find not a single person in this forum has a Packet Tracer and still studying Cisco. I am sure that is a complete lie and maybe you are lying too. What you said I already know. I know GLBP can be used but I want to it using HSRP.
    2ndly,when you dont have PT why did you try answering my question without seeing what the topology is!! Then you should be studying for CCIE and not only for CCNA
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    You described your topology really well! I use Netsim, GNS3 and an 881+887.

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