AIX or RedHat?

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Dear Folks,

I'm working in TATA Ltd for 2.5 years, completed Oracle Solaris 10 certification. Unfortunately I couldnt work on Solaris OS regularly, as I was in a project which involved troubleshooting windows related problems only.

I failed to practice and be in touch with Solaris and so I've forgotten all commands and functions, certification went in vein sadly. I managed to brush up a little and got a Unix Patching Support project now, where they use to patch Linux and AIX servers via tools and in manual commands.

I thought of learning RedHat from training center thoroughly which will make strong in Linux(as Solaris learning exp may help a bit). But I've been asked to get familiar AIX OS commands, as in project they looking forward to take additional role of troubleshooting part for failed patches in a month or two.

As AIX is totally unfamiliar territory for me, I'm in dilemma whether to prepare well RedHat Linux or go with AIX path? I can even manage to learn Linux using materials but for AIX def need classroom training. In my organization, only few have knowledge in AIX OS, so definitely it will give me a edge, I feel.

Kindly suggest me which option will help lot in a broader picture and in future perspective.

My concern is that its better to know one OS thoroughly rather than learning 2,3 operating systems incompletely for the sake of count.

Awaiting your valuable guidance!


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    Since your current project involves AIX, I recommend you learn AIX properly because you have a chance to practically apply that knowledge, and hence gain valuable experience. Once you learn AIX properly and get good hands-on experience, you can then learn Red Hat (and it will be easier since you have AIX knowledge).

    Solaris, AIX, Linux, aren't that different. What you lack is real world experience, not certification. Take advantage of the chance you have now to gain AIX experience, and then take it from there. One step at a time. If your next job is AIX related then fine, if it's Linux related then you will be able to leverage your AIX experience and move forward.

    Good luck!

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