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Hello Again,

A few weeks ago I passed my CCNA and now I am working on the BCSI exam. I am using the Cisco Press book by Catherine Paquet and so far I think it is very well done.

For my Labs I use the Boson NetSim version 6 Beta 3 simulator. It has ten Labs for BCSI and 10 for BCRAN but that is it. However, seems like a good product too.

So, if I really want to follow the LABS in Catherine´s book I need more.

My question:

What do I need to buy in order to have a LAB that would enable me to really get my hands into the material covered on the CCNP exam.

Keep in mind I live in Spain so I dont have the fat salaries you have in North America or Northern Europe.

The minimum amount of equipment to have a proper test LAB.

Thank you,



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    First off, well done on your CCNA, book wise to help with labs I would reccomend CCNP Practical studies by Henry Benjamin. The labs included with Boson netsim are ok, but a little basic to be honest.

    Equipment wise, 3 routers for BSCI would be the bear minimum. A few more is better for things like multi area OSPF etc. for BCMSN I would reccomend 2 x 2900 series switches 2950's are ideal but 2900xl also do the trick.
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    Thanks for your information. Do you know where I might be able to find used equipment in Europe. Ebay seems to be very North American-centric. Is there a Ebay look-a-like for Europe??

    Thank You,

    Pedro Sosa
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    Besides that one, try the and
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    If you forget webmasters links it is still easy to get to country specific goods. No matter what ebay site that you end up in you can get to the right country with the links at the very bottom of the main page.
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    OK. I had a look for what people are trying to sell in Spain. It was pretty funny. Only one 2500 router but plenty of manuals and CDs of Cisco documentation.

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    Why dont you contact any cisco partners in your area. They can get refurbed kit at good prices for you. I recently got some in ireland which the reseller got from holland. It cost about 5000 euro which the company paid for and that was for 5 x 2600 routers , 1 x 25xx for frame switch , 2 x 2950 switches and 5 x WIC 2 T cards. You can get cheaper if you go for 2500 routers and other switches but this is just to give you an idea of what you can pick up. The whole ebay thing is just a bit of a headwreck having to bid etc. and then they may not deliver etc. to your country.
    Hope this helps you
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    I think you can really do many different combinations to design a correct CCNP lab. As long as you have some 2500/2600 routers and some 2900 switches you can't go wrong. A 3550 would also be good but they are expensive.

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    Also a lot of people sell in Germany and ship to anywhere, I bought a 3620 from a guy on german ebay. The norm is about Euro20 for shipping.

    Try selecting show results from international sellers
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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