70-410. Schedule exam with retake option

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Hi all,

Inquiring if someone can point me towards the correct direction. Currently residing in Melbourne Australia. Unable to locate/schedule any exams options for the optional re-take. Or is this an option i have to ask my local Prometric Center ?


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    If you are referring to the Microsoft's "second shot" exam retake, I do not believe those are available currently. They ended that promotion sometime in June. I am sure they will bring the "Second shot" promotion back at some point in the future, but I am not aware of any plans to bring that back in the near term.

    If you are talking about simply re taking the exam, you can do so. I believe if you fail the first attempt, you can retake after a 24hr cool down. I am not sure what each subsequent attempt(s) cool down rates are, or how many attempts total you can do in a 12 month period. Without looking it up, I am guessing probably a total of 6 or so attempts in a 12 month period is the cap. You of course have to pay again for any attempts that do not result in a pass, unless there is a "Second shot" promotion, where they provide a code for a "second" chance attempt for free.

    I am pretty sure this would not be something the Prometric Center would be able to help you with or know about. You could try emailing or calling Microsoft and asking them if they plan to bring back the "Second shot" promotion any time soon. Please let us know here if you do email them and if they respond to you, and tell you if they are bringing the "Second shot" promotion back in the future. I for one, would like to know if they plan to bring that promotion back again in the future.
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    Microsoft is ending their relationship with Prometric, so the 2-for-1 thing might be going away. I don't ever recall Pearson Vue running a 2-for-1 promo.
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