Just planning to take up CISSP and need loads of guidance.

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I have just planned to take up CISSP. Even though this sounds stupid question, what should be the ideal target time? 3 months ?
How many hours do you suggest I think I should spare out for this in a day? I know each one of us differ and just can share your process. I prefer watching videos to books, however I know in this case I have to go though the books not just depend on videos. Can you please suggest the training material also rate the best to better so that I can go in that order. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



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    I am sure only you could answer the questions you asked above... we can only provide guidance. You should start by telling us about yourself... how many years you have been in the industry, what you have done and whether or not you are familiar with any of the CISSP domains.

    I will suggest that you also read thru a few of the "I passed CISSP" posts to see what they did and how they did it.
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    I am like you, decided one day to go for CISSP. I started by going over CISSP threads to look for the most commonly used books.

    I came up with:
    1. Shon Harris 6th Edition AIO
    2. CISSP Prep Guide: Gold Edition Krutz, Ronald
    3. Eric 11th hour
    I managed to get hold of CISSP For dummies immediately after I placed my order on ebay, and didn't want to wait up for the other books to arrive to get started.

    I finished that book and went straight for Shon Harris book which was a REALLY verbose book but it has all the content you need for the exam, including questions at the end of each chapter.

    so in terms of books, you can be fine with just Shon Harris but sometimes you may need another reference, you can find many resource online as well.

    for practice questions I have subscribed for CCCure but I am unsatisfied with the questions there and also read that the questions are not that close to the real thing.

    I suggest Eric's 11th hour to brush up before the exam and Shon Harris AIO for the complete study book.

    I am studying for about 2 weeks now (very intensive mode, finished 2 books already), and am aiming for the 8th of September to attend the exam.
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    Don't pace it through. Understand the concepts, especially the CISSP CIB. If you have enough experience in the 10 domain for CISSP CBK, you will make it through. If not, you might have to get a good, solid grip on those details to answer the many scenario base questions in the examination.
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    I took an InfoSec online bootcamp and used Shon Harris and James Stewart Study Guides followed by the 11th hour book that Expect used and referenced above. Taking any practice exams you can get ahold of is a plus. Practice taking 250 questions at a time, 3 - 4 times before sitting for the exam. The CISSP exam is an endurance exam and much more difficult than expected. I paid for the three sets (300 retired questions) of Studiscope exams offered by ISC2 and would not recommend paying for their practice exams. The exam questions in the three Studiscope exams by ISC2 were nothing like the format or content of the exam questions on the exam. I studied two hours a night three to four times during the week and fours on each of the weekend days for three months. Best of luck and study hard!
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