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Hey guys,

So recently I've been wanting to shift my focus into studying more linux, not for any real career reasons but because I really like linux and want to learn more. I was thinking of studying material for the RHCSA but I don't know if that would be too dense for me. My background is that I took several linux classes in college and am somewhat familiar with package installers, terminal commands, etc.. I've played with Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Zentyal, and pfSense. I've setup mail servers, Apache web servers, and basic firewalls.

Do you think I would be overwhelmed going into the RHCSA? Should I start lower? Maybe with Linux+ material? Or does anyone have any other suggestions or good resources to recommend for someone wanting to learn more linux.


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    I suggest taking a look at CompTIA Linux+ certification. I believe it's a fair entry-level certificate. However, if you feel confident you can pass a 100% hands-on exam, go for the RHCSA test.

    Go look up the exam objectives for the RHCSA test. It's spot-on for what you will be tested on.
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    I agree with Jdancer that you would be better served with a Linux+ that shows basic proficiency. That should at the very least get you in the door, and then if additional knowledge is required you could always go for the RHCSA
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    EdX has a course that is starting on the 1st of August.

    I signed up, it looks good.
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    With the experience you listed, I don't think you will be overwhelmed by the RHCSA at all. I say, skip Linux+ and don't waste your time. Go for RHCSA, it's worth the investment and you will gain important skills.

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