Ubuntu AD authentication nightmare

cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior MemberPosts: 6,721Mod Mod
Disclaimer: my Linux sucks!

Scenario: Trying to authenticate a test Ubuntu 12.04 box with AD. All I want is to be able to log in as an AD user. I do not want to join the machine to the domain. Have been trying this and this but something is not working and I have no idea what it is. Any pointers are appreciated.


  • Khaos1911Khaos1911 Posts: 366Member
    And here I was thinking AD was only native to Windows. Smh, learn something new everyday.
  • HeeroHeero Posts: 486Member
    AD is basically Microsoft's implementation of LDAP. LDAP is an open, vendor neutral, industry standard protocol. So yeah, it works.
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