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What If I pass the first 2 test before the deadline But I coulndt pass the third exam before the death line so it means I need to take the new exam. My question is.

I need to retake the first 2 test with the new version or just the last test with the new version?

Let me know

Thank you.


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    If you pass the ROUTE & SWITCH (v1) before the deadline, you can take the new TSHOOT exam and fulfill the requirements. You won't need to retake the new ROUTE & SWITCH exams

    That's actually what I"ll most likely do, since I"m about to begin studying for the old ROUTE exam.
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    Cisco tends to be accepting of mixing and matching on the old and new stuff. They did the same thing for those who had taken the non-composite route of the CCNA exam back in October when they transitioned to the new exam. The only thing is you'd want to make sure to cover the topics not covered in the old stuff which is in the new. From my observation of the new exam objectives, it seems they have eliminated wireless, voice, and QoS mainly (Which is a certification in itself). From what I've been told, it will have more depth in topics which didn't get as deep before such as IPv6. After going from the CCNP material for IGPs to the Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 (Which is technically IE level reading), I don't think the material for EIGRP and OSPF should get any more complex.
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  • gouki2005gouki2005 Member Posts: 197
    I see

    Thank you.
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