please help witch eBGP

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That is part of my network, where I must do eBGP, because PT don't support iBGP.

I watched some tutorials,
router bgp 100

 neighbor remote-as 200

 neighbor version 4
Can I do it only like that?
Or somewhere I watched that used Loopback addresses, and Null0, and so on...

I just want to do it with a most simpliest way, only that works.


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    VinnyCiscoVinnyCisco Member Posts: 176
    This is beyond CCNA. Your question would be more fit in the CCNP forum.

    eBGP and iBGP respectively is activated based on where you set up your neighbor adjacencies. If you create a neighbor relationship within the same BGP AS, then iBGP is being used. If you are neighboring between different BGP AS's then eBGP is being used.

    As far as Packet Tracer supporting BGP, it does not support full BGP. BGP is a CCNP topic, and Packet Tracer only covers CCNA command strings. Maybe some CCNP command strings will work for exploration, but for the most part, not good on Packet Tracer. Below is a screenshot from Packet Tracer latest version. It shows what happens when trying to set neighbors within same BGP AS (iBGP):

    If you don't have actual equipment, then you should use GNS3 with a valid IOS image.
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