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I noticed that there aren't any software engineering/development certifications discussed on the forum (outside of the Microsoft and Oracle ones). Has anyone looked into or attempted the CSDA (Certified Software Development Associate) or CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional) from IEEE? Also, what about the CMMI based certifications like PSPD (Personal Software Process Developer) or Certified CMMI Associate?

I have more of a software project management and software engineering oriented background and was thinking of augmenting my experience with some certs in this area as well as project management (Project+ and PMP).


  • lopezilopezi Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I'm guessing this group is mainly infrastructure, infosec oriented and outside of the Microsoft dev. cert. forum and Oracle forum there isn't much in the way of activity on the software engineering side of things? That's fine, I just may have to tread these waters on my own then although I may end up sticking to the PM side of things...not sure yet.
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    I have a software engineering background. For me, I've never found any certifications which were interesting enough from a software engineering perspective to consider. Most of what I look at - although never bothered to take the exam are very vendor specific. I suspect that it is because software changes a lot faster than infrastructure systems and has a longer shelf-life. Although, I suspect there may be a market for basic software skills certification.

    The one certification that I look at sometimes because I enjoy perusing the standards is The Open Groups TOGAF program - Certification | The Open Group if you want to check it out.
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    Thanks, I'll be sure to look into that program as well. I'd concur with your thought of infrastructure having a longer shelf-life than software. There is no doubt that development changes rapidly which is why I'm looking at "broader" or "higher level" software engineering certs that wouldn't necessarily be tied to a particular software platform such that as the shifts in tech occur you're still approaching software engineering/development with a set of vetted methodologies. I realize that the PM and BA areas overlap, more so when you're working on software project, but I still think there is an area within software project management that is it's own discipline. The Agile arena speaks to some of this but even then there are varying/differing approaches, although I believe that maybe this is starting to settle down.

    I've worked systems/infrastructure as part of my software engineering efforts and have even been responsible for executing infrastructure overhauls but I've never been overly amp'd about making it the focus of my career although I have the ability to probably transition over if ever need be (although I have no desire to do any of the Cisco stuff so the doors to be opened are probably limited...seems Cisco and VMware are becoming the defacto).
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    Normally you just have to do software development certificates and degrees in a university, I don't know about any worthwhile certs that actually have programming.
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