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hello, First of all Im from Costa Rica i work as a computer technician and I can barely speak English icon_sad.gif...

2 years ago i finished 4 modules of CISCO Discovery after paying classes but I didn´t get the certification and I've forgotten a few things (well a lot I thing) right now I'm studyng for the compTIA security+ examen and I'm almost ready.. I would like to get my ccna certification after my securitt+.. what book should I buy? Im looking for this one http://www.amazon.com/dp/1587143879 but I'm not sure .. I remeber a few things like rip, rip2 OSPF, few commands..



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    See if you can find a version published in your native language. The book you linked will have the information you need but there are lots of options.

    If you have taken the Cisco classes you should have access to packet tracer. Get it and start playing with the routers and switches. See how much you remember. They made big changes to the test so you will be almost starting from the beginning.

    Good Luck!
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