What should I understand when someone says "You must be expert with OS"?

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As the title said what should I understand from this sentense. I will be more specific, I want to become a malware analyst. And I know that I must become expert with most of the OS out there. But I'm confused what does "expert" means, should I be able to program my own OS or I must be familar with concepts like memory managers, schedulers etc.. This is so confusing for me. I thought to buy a book but I don't now which one, also should I buy one or learn for microsoft academy and tldp. I will be very grateful to anyone how help me to clear the confusions.


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    If you have PluralSight, take a look at the Windows Internals courses by Pavel Yosifovich. I've watch many of them and find them very useful in understanding Windows at a deeper level. I would assume you'd want to understand each OS you'll be working in to about this level.
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    Another great resource in this area is Mark Russinovich. His Windows Internals books are awesome. Had an opportunity to talk to him at TechEd last year and left felling like I know nothing about Windows.
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