So I broke the glass of my new Xperia M2...

Kai123Kai123 Member Posts: 364 ■■■□□□□□□□

Its a new phone, but I cant find any documentation about it. It has a nasty crack down the middle. The LCD is fine, just the glass.

I can find a cheap Chinese part for €20 odd. The only place that will repair this model quoted me €120. I had a stint of repair Iphones, so seeing the single connector of the replacement, it might just be a matter of removing the class, unplug the connector, put new one in and thats it.

With no documentation or other peoples experiences, I dont want to open it up and its connected behind the LCD, or I have to take it apart from the back to get to the connector. Does anyone know anything about this phone? It would be great to get it back to its glorious former self!
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