Is A+ a must in these job roles?

CaptainLCaptainL Posts: 78Member ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi I would just like to ask if having a A+ certification would be a great advantage for this kind of job roles:

Network Engineer
NOC (I don't know the meaning of this but I'm told that this job mostly focuses on the data center??)

and if you can suggest other job roles that makes a A+ certified gains advantage in applying for a work.


  • The Silent AssassinThe Silent Assassin Posts: 39Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    The A+ shows employers that you know how to troubleshoot computers, handy in the Help Desk/Service Desk area and desktop support. Anything higher than that it is a useless certification.

    NOC usually stands for Network Operations Center and it covers everything related to network resources and ensuring availability of bandwidth and other shared resources.
  • HeeroHeero Posts: 486Member
    It is useful if you are doing desktop support or PC repair. It is going to mean next to nothing for networking jobs. I purposefully leave my A+ of my resume because it means nothing for the jobs I apply to.
  • RemedympRemedymp Posts: 834Member
    You might want to check out Comptia's Road map. Having an A+ would be better than NOT having it for a NOC position.

    There are some positions in NOC that have been repositioned to supporting desktops as well as supporting NOC as there could be some down time in one or the other roles.
  • VinnyCiscoVinnyCisco Posts: 176Member
    I always keep my A+ on my resume regardless of what I am applying to. It don't hurt to keep it on.

    I see more and more job postings for field techs these days requiring A+ and experience.
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  • PupilPupil Posts: 168Member
    Beyond an entry-level job in the help-desk/desktop support, A+ is useless. Anybody who does a junior level position or higher (network/system/security admin) is expected to have that knowledge anyways.
  • CaptainLCaptainL Posts: 78Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hi guys! thanks for your replies, maybe I should just run through some topics in A+ and take the certification when I think I need it. :)
  • johnnyarksjohnnyarks Posts: 136Member
    unless you know the job is looking for this cert then just leave it off your resume, and if they were -- I wouldn't expect the job to pay much, $14/hr maybe, comptia stuff is kinda "get your feet wet" entry level cert
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