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I have prepared from security+ all in one guide and from some books on CISSP.
I am even going through few documents available online, took some test demo and from exam cram2 book, paper based.
I think that I know the exam content quiet well, but in the test I get confused on the way the questions asked and put on wrong answers,this way it looks that I am still not prepared for the exam, was planning to take exam next week. Can anyone please give some insight on how the real exam is?Is the questions really confusing? Any suggestion on study material that I am using?
Any help will be highly appreciated.


    From my personal view. I found the questions very straightforward. I used CBT nuggets and 'transcenders' and of course..........I'm gonna say it because your all used to me saying it........TCAT.(tcat rocks)

    I did buy the Microsoft book for Security + but I actually did not find it very informative as I had hoped. I used the online notes from here that were useful

    All in all - This exam I really enjoyed and was very proud to add it to my certifications.

    Good Luck :D:D
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    Thanks alot for your view. I am looking for good online site to take a prep exam prior to the real exam .Can anyone suggest for some good sites, where I can get an idea on the real exam while taking the test.

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    Check out our practice exams, TechNotes, links to other sites, AND a link to official sample questions at CompTIA to give you an idea of the real exam at:
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