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Ok guys, I am conflicted (get it... the name.... ok bad joke I know) I have people trying to pull my brain different directions. I am currently in school network management, I have taken my N+ and A+ but I have people saying to take the S+ and others saying not to. My instructors say that I should take the S+ to advance my career, but at my internship my boss and others are saying that S+ is a waste of money and to just take the CCNA because it has more weight in the test hierarchy. I dunno what I should do and I figured that there is no better place to ask because you guys are honest (sometimes brutally) and I would like some insight and opinions on this.


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    Are you actually going to be working in a security capacity? If you are going to be doing network infrastructure related work then CCNA would be more relevant, in any case it's not going to hurt you to have Security+ on your resume, if anything it carries more weight than your A+ and N+ (just being blunt)
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    It is common for people looking to get into IT to get the Trio. It won't hurt and you might learn something new.
    However security plus has limited long term value. Some government jobs do require it so that might be a consideration for you.
    CCENT/CCNA can be built on and may serve you better in later years.

    Good Luck!
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    For me, the Security+ took less time to prepare for than ICND2. If you're planning to stay the course in networking, the CCNA will be more valuable on your resume, though.
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