Certification Goals

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Hello guys,
I'm new to this site and I just wanted some tips on how I should study for these certifications I want to obtain:
CCNA security
CCNP routing
CCNP switching
CCNP troubleshooting
Network +
and some other certifications...

I am also wondering if the MCSE is still a valid certicate?

Anyways... My goal in life is to become a Computer Networking administrator who has lots of education, experience, and proof that I have what it takes to get the job done. Mind you, I don't have any of these certs at all, but I want all of them eventually. I took the CCENT twice and failed it, mostly because my studying prior to taking the exam wasn't well spent. But this time I wanna take it the third time and feel confident that I'll get the cert. I just wanna know how I could study and how I can pass the exams on the first or second try? I am more of a visual learner and can retain information better if things are read to me or are presented in a simple, understandable way in person or visually.
Any tips will help out.


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