CCNP Voice Video Series - Jeremy Ciora or Mark Snow? Any opinions?

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I am looking at starting CVOICE sometime in the next month or so, and am looking for the best video series to supplement study. I used Mark Snow from INE for CCNA Voice, which was very thorough but pretty dry, and am considering maybe going with Jeremy Ciora from CBT Nuggets for the CCNP series.

I have access to the INE video series for Mark Snow already, but wondering what peoples thoughts are on Jeremy's course, and if it might be worth the subscription fee to get his energy injected into the courses. I work with Voice daily so the content itself doesn't bore me to tears, but Mark Snow gets hard to listen to after the 30 or so minutes of video, though again he is incredibly thorough.

Any suggestions?


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    It’s been a while since I’ve looked at CVOICE but I have always been a fan of Jeremy’s style. The CBT Nuggets might not be as thorough as some of the other vendors, but they are solid on the core concepts, and actually enjoyable to watch. Watch the samples and see what you think – If you’re going to read the book too (which you should) then no harm in either choice.
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    Coke or Pepsi?

    Why not both? I think Jeremy's teaching style is fun and practical, and Mark's is very thorough. Try'em both dude, it's not like they cancel each other out :)
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    Mark snow is very wordy, but I just pay for the download and watch them at 1.5 speed. Jeremy is good at the basic levels to intermediate levels, but I don't think he can touch mark snow or Vic, and I don't even think thats CBT nuggets goal.
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    So are you saying that Jeremy doesn't get as technical as Snow in the different topics? I really dig his teaching style, but I'd hate to skip over some extra depth for an easier but more personable video series.

    To address why I don't watch them both, I have the Cisco FLG already to read for CVOICE, and to be honest unless I absolutely need it I'm keeping resources to a minimum. I get plenty of experience at my job for understanding the technology through and through, I just need one good video source for lectures, as it makes digesting Cisco literature worlds easier.
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    no he doesn't. I haven't watched all his new series, but for example in the old series when they were talking gatekeeper you can tell that M Snow just had way more experience in that area than Jeremy and the old gateway gatekeepers test was known as one the hardest test in the voice series. In the multi site dialing he really doesn't go over globalization at a level needed to really understand it. I think he can get you pass the test, but thats about it. But thats the common thing with INE. They go well above and beyond what you need to pass the test, they make sure you can prove it in production.
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    Thanks so much man, that is exactly the information I was looking for, INE it is.
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