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Did anyone have any insight on these sites, I wanted to take few prep exam as many suggested transcender is best, this site giving discount along the exam voucher. Is it worth?Please suggest



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    I have used the getcertify site before and found it to be a good experience

    It saved me a few dollars on the exam, and thats always good icon_cool.gif . There are different ways to pay credit card or pay pal and if there are any problems there is a support number that has a person that you can talk to.

    The only negative is that it prices are not constant. A voucher can be bought for 89.00(microsoft) but it will expire the next day and the voucher will not be offered at that price again until the next month.
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    The very first time I have every used that site or any site for a discount exam and my experience isn't good at all. I paid this company $219 for an exam voucher and I have to take it within this year but they have sold me a voucher which can only be used in the USA and Canada etc but not in my country.

    I did order from their "International" page but they keep on insisting that the voucher I have can be used in the UK but I have tried putting the voucher code on the VUE site and it always rejects my voucher number.

    In addition to that I have phoned up VUE a number of times and tried to book an exam and not one but twice and both times they have told me that exactly which countries the voucher is valid in.

    I can say from personal experience that their customer service sucks big time. I have been almost waiting two days for them to admit they are in the wrong but mean while I am supposed to keep revising for an exam I was prepared for near the start of this month. I had to contact my tutor at my University and ask for an extension for my coursework as the extra burden of having to keep on revising for an exam that I have previously paid for and not sure whether I can take it or not is not welcome.

    It is true that you may save some money with vouchers purchased from these sites but be aware that their customers reviews of their products are not always true. Have a look for yourself and you will see that every single product has 5 stars. I have read a review that gives a more realistic picture of some of their products such as the "study guides" the incorporate with their vouchers and they are totally $hit and I have no idea why they say they are worth $20. That review was promptly removed and I will add my review to their site later and it while it will be honest I have a strong feeling it will be removed.

    Anyway, I have asked them to give me back my money or send me a new voucher that I can actually use. I have little confidence in them doing either as these people don't seem to know how to treat customers with any decency of customer service. BTW if you expect to have your voucher given to you right after you give them your credit card info be aware that you won't get it in real time - I had to wait almost 4 hours for it. I don't know about you but when I give my credit card info and pay for a product like that I would have expected to have my voucher number emailed to me as soon as my transaction was successful.

    In summary I would say in theory vouchers will save you money but just don't expect too much if things go wrong because they do state on their website that they refuse to give you a refund or replacement (I guess in my case even if they are at fault, no I didn't make an error when I ordered I even have an email from them stating that I have purchased an International voucher) but they will never have the decency to admit they are wrong it seems.
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    Thanks for your help, I appreciate that. I have bought the voucher from preplogic and thankfully I got it in my email in 10mins, maybe this site is reliable..www.preplogic.com

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    Just to let you guys know that techexams.net (Mr. Webmeister Johan) has set up a partenership promo with getcertify4less.com. You can receive an extra dollar off the voucher if I am not mistaken and I assume that techexams.net is getting some kind of endorsement for anyone buying from there through a special coupon code. Make sure that you buy the voucher through the link on the left "Exam Vouchers" to support this amazing website. As I said before, you will not find many websites that you get knowledgeable people and support like on techexams.net. So support it any way you can. (If I am wrong with this please take it out of this post Johan.)


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