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I've always heard people talk about vouchers. How do you obtain them? I'm going to schedule the test Friday and didn't know if I should look into it. I took the A+ tests without them but if I can save that would be great.

On another note, I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be. I could always know more detail with subnetting but I doubt they'll go too deep into it past what I already know. Only really worried about transmission media lengths and speeds. But I'm going to review.

Voucher or not, wish me luck! Everyone is super helpful on here.


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    Best of luck my friend! I am also taking the Network+ at the end of this month. More than halfway done reading/taking notes from the Exam Cram book. What resources have you used so far?

    Also, yeah as for subnetting, I am keeping it simple. I would recommend you watch the Professor Messer video on subnetting in the Network+ playlist because that should cover what should be the type of subnetting questions in the exam.

    Once again, good luck and do let us know your results. Hopefully it's a pass!


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    One way to get discounted vouchers is to look for "Early expiration vouchers". These are vouchers that are set to expire within the month.
    They are best for someone who has studied well and plan to take it soon. You can really save some money this way.

    Here is a link to reputable site that sells vouchers.

    Once you order off this site, or the other few that are reputable, They will email you a code.
    Go to Pearson's website and schedule an exam date. When the checkout option comes, just enter the code.

    Also, if you check ebay, Some "professors" sell vouchers for super cheap too. I just checked and there were none. Perhaps maybe because it is summer and normal classes are not in session. This is how I got my Network+ voucher for about $170 3 years ago. This is also how I got my A+ exams and S+ exams. Just keep an eye out from time to time.

    Good Luck with the N+. You will definitely want to know your media lengths and connector types. These questions come up alot.
    And with subnetting, the questions won't be super hard as long as you know how to subnet. No tricks of any sort. If you do not know how, you might as well just guess because it's either you know it, or you don't.

    Good Luck!
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    Call the testing center directly as opposed to using the PearsonVue site. My testing center has vouchers for A/Net/Sec+ that are $15 or so cheaper.
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