Storage industry?

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Through my studies of CCENT and Linux, I have always had an interest in Storage and Cloud technologies. My most respected mentor has always worked for Netapp and has taught me a few things here and there, which is probably what has led to my interest in the field.

A networking certification seems to set a good foundation for just about any career in IT, but I was trying to figure out a good next step after that. I have been employed as a Help Desk Specialist and a Field Tech for about three years now, so I was looking to start educating myself on storage.

However, when I check out job postings, I am having a hard time finding certifications that are requested for these sorts of things. I have never heard mention of Storage+, though I do hear mention of the technologies that I assume would be involved in such a certification (SAN, NAS, RAID, etc). Has anyone ever tried to break into this industry or know of certifications that would be worth snagging?


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