Certified Network Cable Installer ?

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This is my first post here.
I'm beginer in networking. How to say beginer. Maybe 8 years ago I used to work in computer seling/repairing company in small town, then company moved to IPS , there I was IT technikan. Puling CAT5 to end users and preparing PC's. Setting up Wifi antennas and powering devices in premises. But for last 5-7 years I'm carpenter or just simple builder and fed up to breathe dusts and stuff like that.
I start self study for CCNA, for now I'm at subnetting and router protocols. Seams for me that is possible, maybe slowly but I will get there.
And I decide maybe change my job title as well, even before I get Cisco certificated.
Certified Network Cable Installer will suite me very well. But here in London I have newer tried this. One man, Manager of one cabling company told me that I must have accreditation. And I have no idea how to? I don't want to work for free :)
I googled for Certifications, but they quite expensive. For exemple:
Certified Network Cable Installer Advanced – Advanced Unit - Training course catalogue - QA
5day course will cost about £840. Or for example this one Certified Network Cable Installer Advanced – Core Unit - Training course catalogue - QA about £1,300.
Of this one Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) | CNet Training Price: £1,995

Thats not small moneys.
Thats my question - do you know some ways how to get certificated for reasonable price or be accredited (or how to get job :) in this industry) ?

Thanks a lot.


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