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I passed the 801 last Monday with a 777 and today the 802 with a 821. Not happy with the score as I feel I should of done better. I have been working in IT for over 8 years full-time and have had my head in a computer since 2000. I would have never taken this if my job didn't require it. Just no point in my career for this and the cost is bull. As for studying wasn't to stressed over the test but I did pick up my Mike Meyers book on A+ and a study guide from LearnSmart for a $1 a while back.

Some advice about these two. The 801 I really hope I got a few beta questions cause I couldn't really understand what they wanted. The simulations was new to me so if you have never seen them before look them over and flag them go to the next question. Don't waste your time and get frustrated trying to work out a simulation. Just go to what you know. There is plenty of time on both test so don't worry.

As for the 802 I found it easier for me. I think it was cause I got to see the simulations from the 801 and kind of knew what to expect and only 2 questions seemed off on this one. I liked a couple of simulations as they are what you would do in the real world. Learn how to use the command line for things.

So if you have no experience in IT please go to school take a couple computer classes. Community college is cheap. Try to volunteer and/or do and internship somewhere working with computers. Also get the Mike Meyers book and read over it and of course use Professor Messers videos. Professor Messer I found our has study/cram guide. For $10 a pop isn't a bad price.


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    Congrats man! Good work and thanks for the review.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I left IT for teaching last November so now I teach electronics and computer repair to high school students. So as for the next certification I'm getting looks to be ETA CET. I don't have to have it just want to get it. I also want to get my Network+ but in my area everything ask for Security+ so I really need that if I have to go looking again. I always have the what if on the brain. There is no guarantee in teaching and you never know what will happen. I was studying for Linux+ when I got this job and that's my long term goal. I have always wanted to get certified in Linux and someday will get it.
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    congrats on the pass. i passed my 801 today

    if i may ask, what materials did you use to study for your 802 and how do you study?
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    Congrats! Onward!
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    I used Mike Meyers book and a LeanSmart pdf. Watch the Professor Messer videos maybe get his study notes and with the Mike Meyers book you will be fine. Good luck on the 802.
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