Looking to Become a Linux Admin

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Hi there fellow IT Brothers,

I am currently a Windows Systems Engineer, background all Windows with some Mac server experience, but where I currently started working, we have a few hosted Linux servers, and although I know what Linux is and does, I've never put much effort as far as looking into it, but I've always had it on my to list, now more than ever especially after seeing how cool it really is

Any Linux advise you guys can give me as far as the best path to becoming a Linux Administrator? I just installed a Lite Linux on a VM so pretty neat as far as the client OS, but main core I want to do is server side. I've been looking at the Linux certification website, and I see there are some certs on there, of course I would start with lowest level first.

Any good training materials out there you recommend? Like with Windows, I used not only the press books, but CBT nuggets, IT free training, etc, but any advise you guys can give, that would be awesome, Im really excited about working with Linux


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