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Hi there fellow IT Brothers,

I am currently a Windows Systems Engineer, background all Windows with some Mac server experience, but where I currently started working, we have a few hosted Linux servers, and although I know what Linux is and does, I've never put much effort as far as looking into it, but I've always had it on my to list, now more than ever especially after seeing how cool it really is

Any Linux advise you guys can give me as far as the best path to becoming a Linux Administrator? I just installed a Lite Linux on a VM so pretty neat as far as the client OS, but main core I want to do is server side. I've been looking at the Linux certification website, and I see there are some certs on there, of course I would start with lowest level first.

Any good training materials out there you recommend? Like with Windows, I used not only the press books, but CBT nuggets, IT free training, etc, but any advise you guys can give, that would be awesome, Im really excited about working with Linux


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    if you want to get into Linux and get some certs in the process try for Linux+. They offer their 3-in-1 program partnered with LPI. Check it out.
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    I would start with the Linux+ certification to build a foundation then move into the RHCSA/RHCE once you have some solid Linux experience. ;)
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    Check out www.linuxacademy.com

    I'm starting from a similar position and their courses have been great thus far.
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    The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction: Amazon.co.uk: William E. Shotts Jr.: Books

    Start with the above book this will build a solid foundation and will teach you the command line and some basic scripting.

    Then pick a distro to focus on I personally use either Red Hat Or Ubuntu Server for server configurations they are my own personal preference. As for learning the Server side of Linux.


    ^ Fantastic all round resource geared towards Redhat


    ^ Very easy to follow / recipe approach

    And most importantly


    Dedication, repetition and getting hands on are the key to learning Linux. You are talking to somebody who was alien to the whole Linux / Open Source aspect of technology I was a Windows user and thought that's all there was :)

    However these days I live and breathe Linux that's my passion number one advice! don't get frustrated it's going to take time to transition from the Windows mentality to the Nix mentality. Download Evernote and document everything you learn! and most importantly have fun :)
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    Unix Shells by Example by Quigley
    RHCSA/RHCE Red hat Linux Certification Study Guide by Jang
    Learning the Bash Shell from O'Reilly Media
    Python via codeacademy or grab a book and work through it
    Red Hat documentation and the internet
    The Linux Documentation Project

    You say your focus is on server setups so I would pick a path: Red Hat or Ubuntu. Work with a server distribution such as CentOS (Red Hat clone) and install the various server roles. I came from windows and found the structure of Red Hat appealing.

    My best advice would be to get a old desktop and setup a file server or something at home. Make yourself use it and you'll find something new to learn every day.
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