Critique my resume please!

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Just writing one up to apply for a part time system support job. For those who have written many, can you just take a look at mine and give me some recommendations?


Should I add my website ( onto my resume?

edit: here is the job I'm applying for.
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    They have 6 available positions, and you seem like you are probably qualified for the work but a few pointers:

    You always want to make your resume match the job description.

    In the "Skills Required" section I see they list Knowledge of Linux before Windows and PC hardware and I don't see Linux on your resume.

    I am not saying lie, but I would be sure to be at least a little familiar with it. I am sure every person that bids on the job is going to have experience supporting Windows.

    In this part:
    "Production knowledge and/or experience preferred but not required"

    This is one is probably not a strong requirement, but if you find out which products they are using and install and play with them it might give you an edge in the interview over the other candidates. Some of the products they use are listed in their open positions for 3d Modelers, artists etc.
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    here are a few tips

    1.drop non-relavent job information

    2. change objective to a summary( the many times posts have been created about resumes this is always made clear) why? using an objective pegs you for only 1 type of job and requires that you rearrange it everytime you post for something different trying to "re create" yourself as a fit OBJECTIVE-VERY BAD icon_mad.gif

    3. qualification and skills... this needs to be layed out in a relavent format as well..

    A>if you know something list it all with all known.
    OS (dos, linux (which versions), windows (versions)
    Software (office x, antivirus, ect.)
    networking (cat 5, tcp/ip, ect.)

    B>hardware should be listed in the same matter (which hardware? vendor and types would work well here)

    C>no character things should be listed here only professional information
    ex. project management, technical writing, technical troubleshooting

    4. lists certs and education under professional/ technical knowledge and not on bottom

    5. save bullet points for highlights at the job, instead try a summary of the job you will findout that you have done more than 2 or 3 bullet points will ever tell

    icon_wink.gif this is just my 2 cents
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