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Hi, I finally got access to GCIH online training.
I have the videos and slides, also I got access to the self study material which iss basically the mp3 talks... and I am still waiting for the books to come next Monday.

My question is very simple, how should I approach the training? I believe the MP3 (Self Study) are basically the videos withouth the Slides? Should I just concentrate on the videos, slides and books?

Can you provide some guidance on how to approach the training material?



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    The Self Study are the mp3 audio files without the slides. They are longer and not as edited as the On-Demand version that includes the slides. I'm not sure how many versions SANS uses but mine are from John Strand and the self study mp3 files seem to contain more stories and fluff. (Not that that is a bad thing - I enjoy John's rhetoric and sense of humor.) I have gone through the On-Demand with the books as we did when we were in class (I was a facilitator for SEC504 in ORL this year.) taking the quiz at the end of each section. I listen to the self study mp3 files when I am offline to keep material fresh in my mind. I take the GCIH this Wednesday the 20th.
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    docricedocrice Member Posts: 1,706 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I generally go through the OnDemand first while only cracking the books open to do the labs. Once I get through the OnDemand, I run through the MP3s (usually during my commutes over the next few weeks). After that I finally start on my index by going through the books with a fine-tooth comb.

    That makes for three rounds of training reinforcement. The MP3s aren't always exactly the same as the OnDemand material. Sometimes you get a different instructor and the recording was done at a different conference than the presentation in the OnDemand.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written: http://kimiushida.com/bitsandpieces/articles/
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