CCNP 300 series study material??

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I passed my CCNA back in June 2012, so I'm approaching the 3-year recertification mark and am considering both CCNA Security as well as CCNP.

As I was looking at CCNP, I noticed that in January they are retiring the 642-xxx exams and only allowing the 300 series. As such, I started looking specifically for books that followed the 300 series exams so I study the right topics. Unfortunately, my search turned up null with any (reputable) material for the 300 series. Should I just get a 642-xxx official guide and then research the new topics myself? Or do you know of any good books/material for prepping for the 300 series exams?

Or, should I just try to pass the 642-xxx's before the end of the year (I think 4 months should be enough time to pass at least 1-2 of the exams, but I want to make sure I understand the new topics that the new series covers)?

Thanks in advance


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