Domain Routing.

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Hi Folks. Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place here but I require some routing guidance which is outside of my CCNA knowledge. I have configured inter-vlan routing between 10 cisco 3560 & 2960 switches with a default route to an ASA5550 going out to a DSL service as the default route. This is our product support Lab. My problem is that I also need to route to our corporate domain which is currently connected to a routable port on one of the 3560s & receiving an IP address via DHCP from the corporate DHCP server. VoIP traffic is also supplied on this link from corporate. As all traffic to corporate requires name resolution, can I configure this with advanced cisco configuration or do I need to create something like A stub zone within the support labs DNS server. I have full control of the support lab network but no access to corporate, However I may be able to request modifications if required.


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