Is there a way to save VPCS in GNS3?

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Hi, Is there a way to save VPCS in GNS3?


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    It can be quirky though.

    Generally I save my project BEFORE I open up VPCS and set the ip and gateway. Once done and tested, and it works, I use the 'save <filename>' command in VPCS. It will save the config in the projects 'config' directory.

    Then, you can save the project again.

    Then later, once you load the project back up and bring up VPCS, you use the 'load <filename>' command. It works.

    I will post an update with screenshots of the process later.
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    Update with screenshots of process:

    First you want to configure your router and save that config before saving the project:

    Then I save the project before starting VPCS. The reason is sometimes VPCS will not save it's configuration like it should. It works sometimes, but other times it does not.

    Then I load up VPCS and set it up and test. And use the save command.

    At this point you are set. Now later when you are finished doing your lab and saving your project, you can load it back up at a later time.

    After loading your project back up, you start VPCS and use the load command as shown below.
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    Great thank you!
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