Back at it! CISSP

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Hello to all my TE brethren!

Its been several months since I've been on these forums as well as since I've prepped for an exam. There has been a lot of acquisitions in my company recently which resulted in domain migrations, re-allocation of IP address schemes, and physical/virtual migration of Data Centers.

Things have FINALLY calmed back down and once again I'm going after my CISSP.

Study Plans:

Hitting Erik Conrad and Shon Harris hard again, perusing my own notes from a few months ago, and using the sunflower .pdf as my last minute summarization. I plan to really hit it hard, dedicating at least 20 hours a week to studying and then sitting the exam in mid to late September.

Also, any input from those who took the new Exam format that started in 2014 would be great!!! :D Of course, without violating the NDA!
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