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Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice about studying and the best way forward to get to where I'd like to be.

I'm with Computeach going through their Server path and having done the A+ i'm finishing off the MCSA Win7. I've been self employed for the past few years doing a range of technician stuff, system builds, web dev and networking and want to take it into server maintenance.

I'd say that I'm doing 3rd line support I suppose, in that any issues are fixed no matter if it's software or hardware. How would that equate to a position and could I start at 3rd line or have to go through 1st line and progression that way?

I'm currently looking at 2nd line support and junior server support as I'm going on to the Security+ and MCSA Server creds but any advice would be appreciated.


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    'Advice from the real world'

    When you talk about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line of support it really confuses me. But it sounds like you want to get a job as a server administrator? Not all companies have three tiers of support. Some have one, some have two, and some even have four or five and it's not just tiers. There can be Networking, Dev, User Support, etc..

    Also, do you have any college education? Do you have any experience beyond being self employed?

    If not than you're most likely going to want to find an entry level position and work your way up with experience and education.
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    Advice about studying? Well do it the same way you did it at school. Do it at consistent times everyday, have some discipline. That's about it.
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    "1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support" are job titles in your company that rarely translate into the exact same position with the same job duties in another company. What you call 3nd line support might be Senior Helpdesk Tech or Junior Administrator at another company.

    There is no standardization of job titles and roles in the IT industry and they can vary widely between companies. Stop worrying about job titles and focus on abilities.

    If you want a look at the "real world" then go look at the job boards like Indeed and Dice in your area, its even free! Start looking for your next job now, even if you don’t plan on leaving for a year a more so you can get a good idea of the skills that you will need to build.

    It is great that you are continuing to work on your certs like the Server MCSA.

    One of the best interview questions I've ever been asked was by my current IT Director. He asked me to "tell me about your home network". It is a rather open ended question that will tell you a lot about the IT professional and how they describe the technology they are familiar with but also if they have a home lab. I strongly recommend that you buy a couple of cheap servers off of eBay and actually get some hard on experience installing and configuring them.
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    Nah, not advice about the actual studying, that part at least is all in hand.

    Support experience is all self-employed and I don't have many formal qualifications beyond school level.
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    Self employed IT work for your clients, the technical classes you have taken and IT certifications are things you put on a professional resume...
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