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AgehaniAgehani Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
I am having issues passing the A+ test. I am using the exam cram book and watching the Professor Messer YouTube videos. Is there any other materials I can look at for passing the test? Does anyone have files or **** sheets that they can upload for me to look? One of my main issues is that I have test anxiety and always I have had that issue.

Any information would help.



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    TrashmanTrashman Member Posts: 140
    You should read through the exam objectives on the CompTIA website to find your weaknesses and work on those.
    I recommend CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide from Sybex.
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    Super587Super587 Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I literally passed the 801 portion yesterday and often have test anxiety as well. For starters I took it in the morning rather than afternoon or evening after work. Going in fresh really helped I feel. I also drank a little coffee so that I would be awake but not too hyper. I often make mistakes when I'm too ampd up. I think the best thing I did overall was flag the questions I had ANY doubt about and came back to them including the simulators. Even having done that I answered about 60 of the questions with confidence leaving 20 to go back over but with plenty of time to think it out. I hope this helps. I have very little background in I.T. so if I did it I'm sure you can as well. Lastly don't give up! Can't stress that enough. You only fail once you stop trying.:D
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    AgehaniAgehani Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    @Super587: What study materials did you use to prepare you for the test?
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    Cisco InfernoCisco Inferno Member Posts: 1,034 ■■■■■■□□□□
    **** sheet files only **** you.
    Go to Barnes and Noble, sit down in the starbucks there and review multiple books. Its a great method. Free Practice tests :)

    Issues? Did you fail it before?

    Write notes! Hand written Notes. Its a huuuuuuge help when you are trying to learn something. Write the notes in a way you can understand them!
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    NYWomanNYWoman Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    There is so much information available, it's overwhelming - and intimidating. After muddling about and getting lost for a few weeks, this is what is now working for me:
    1. FOR FREE - used my local library's "Overdrive" option for checking out electronic books, inter-library loan for books, online PDF's, graphics, quizlet flashcards, hand written flash cards, and Messer's videos converted to MP3's for Itunes using YTD Video Downloader (NOTE: this app includes a mini-adware virus so be aware). The strategy is to turn data into organized information; and then create knowledge to pour into the brain.
    2. MAKE A DATABASE OR SPREADSHEET - I'm creating an MS Access database using the Comptia Objectives Outline from their site as the foundation. Taking the test components (i.e. for 801 it's Hardware, Printers, Laptops, Networking and Operational Procedures), using those categories under which are the subject headings (like CPUs and Motherboards are 'filed' under Hardware) filed by media type (web, mp3, mp4, Flash Cards).
    3. YOUR HANDS ARE YOUR TUTORS - it's proven that this is how we learn; why hand written flash cards work so well. I bought two used computers from the thrift shop for a total of about $25 and gave them a thorough autopsy. Of course, they're not state of the art, however, handling them, seeing the North Bridge on the Motherboard, and the CMOS battery, and having a Micro-ATX and a regular ATX at my finger tips - can't ask for more.
    4. EYE CANDY - there are several portions of the test - like those ATX MOBOs, and the CPU 1155 and Ports and... well I'm making tables and putting them in Poster Form and Posting them up on my Walls so I see them - large. This will allow the eyes to take a snap shot - and file them in my mind.
    I hope this helps someone - best of luck - (PS - Athletes rehearse in their minds making winning shots - write out a scenario where you know the answers, you are clicking on the right choices - the answers come easily)
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    jofas88jofas88 Member Posts: 29 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Assuming you have failed the test already, a good place to start would be examining the transcript they print off after the test. It will tell you the areas you did well in, as well as the areas you did not do so well in. Place most of your studies on those areas you lack in and the next time around you should knock it out of the park. Your study materials seem sufficient enough, but everyone learns a different way, finding what woks for you can be a challenge sometimes. Personally, Prof. Messers vids were all I used when I took the 701/702 A+ version. Hope this helps, good luck on your next go!
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    Super587Super587 Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I used the Professor Messer videos, Comptia A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide, and Exam Cram. Also, I took as many free practice test online as I could find. You should be able to find all of those online.
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    SouljackerSouljacker Member Posts: 112 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Here's how I like to handle tests.

    1. Do all of the reading and watching videos once.
    2. A week before the test get my hands on every practice question I can. I'm not talking about **** - I mean grab test sims from every book you can, get hold of the examcram books that have nothing but questions (even older ones are good to look through just to cement concepts - just don't approach them as your sole preparation tool) and do nothing but questions. Research the ones you got wrong, and write flash cards that remind you of those concepts.
    3. Fall asleep to videos or mp3's of course material - put it on a loop so you are waking up to it as well. I'm a big believer in subliminal stuff.
    4. Review the flash cards you made just before entering the test center to freshen up the things you were weak on.

    Most of all, don't panic. It's only a test, and if you don't pass it you can always just try again in a few days.
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