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Hey all,

Well, I'm planning on starting my long journey to get my MCSE 2k3 soon, I plan on taking my 70-290 next week. My main question is, what's the actual exam like, structure wise? I've been looking for quite some time but haven't really read much on how the exams are structured. I've heard that there are some simulated lab exercise type questions here and there; do you take some mult choice then do this lab exercise? Also, do Prometric and VUE do things differently, or are they simply just different companies which host testing? What's the alloted time they give you, and do most people find themselves rushed to finish all of it even when they feel they are aptly prepared for the exam?

I know that you have to sign a non-discolsure agreement when taking these, so I apologize in advance if i've asked something about the exams that you're not allowed to share with us. I would just find it extremely helpful to kind of know what I'm up against when taking my first cert exam.
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