SCCP, Sec+, CASP: How to proceed

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I currently hold (ISC)2 SSCP, CompTIA CASP, CompTIA Sec+. I acquired all of those in the last 9 months but they we're always thought as a stepping stone to other degrees (I didn't have the required work experience). Yesterday I got a reminder email that I have to fulfill my yearly CPE obligations. I'm not sure if this is really a good idea for me or just a waste of money. Let me sketch out the path I'm planning:
End of this year I plan to acquire (ISC)2 CSSLP, next year I intend to complete (ISC)2 CISSP (by then I have the required 3/4 years, one year less because of my MSc). With that in mind I'm not sure if renewing the other certificates is worth my money. I also wanted to do the CEH but probably won't do it because it doesn't seem worthwhile after reading this forum.

What are your thoughts? I'm currently working as a security engineer and want to stay in this area of work since it fits my interests.


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    Maintaining your CASP will renew your Sec+ so you only have to worry about the highest level CompTIA cert. If your SSCP is in good standing by the time you pass and receive your CISSP, it should renew your SSCP. Once you have your CISSP, I don't see any issue with letting your SSCP, CASP, or Sec+ lapse. You're right in regards to CEH...I wouldn't bother with it.
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    Thank you for your reply. I'm not quite sure if I have to fulfill my yearly CPE requirements and my maintenance dues to have my SSCP renewed if I complete my CISSP next year. But I don't really see a benefit of holding both certifications.
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