how hard does preplogic compare to this exam

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I was just wondering how preplogics practice exam compared to the real exam in difficulty. I purchased preplogic practice exams and taking the exam tommorrow at 3:00 eastern time. Also can someone help me with what sql's access control is :) thanks.


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    best of luck!! and let us know your experience with preplogic. I have bought examcram2 question bank, the questions with single answers are quiet straight forward but with multiple answers are quiet confusing, reading all those stuff on forums it looks the same types of questions come in exam... but heard lot of preplogic and will be glad to know how are the questions there..

  • theICEtheICE Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    lol , I passed of course with a 874 so thanks for all the replys on this subject they where overwhelming.
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    thanks, also preplogic is very good covered alot of the objectives, i also used
    Syngress Security+ book and cramsession. All very good study items that i recommend.
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    How hard was the exam? Were, the questions really very confusing,especially the multiple choice.???
    I am planning to take the exam this week..

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