Re-entering Tech Workforce, Needing Solid Advice

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I have an Associate's Degree from ITT Tech, in their Computer Networking Systems course, from back in 2004. I messed around a bit and didn't utilize it whatsoever until 2006. At that time, I took a simple job, through a staffing company, taking meeting minutes. This job was at a small company that secured a State contract to replace their legacy system by designing, implementing and deploying a new software system. Within three months, I was approached by Deputy Project Manager with an offer of my choice of five job openings. Only one of these jobs was directly in the field I had any "experience" (read, tech school) in whatsoever. My choice, however, was the job of Configuration Management Analyst. I was trained on-the-job and did very well. I worked directly with the PMO, gathering requirements, facilitating meetings, designing and implementing processes, producing documentation, producing training materials and holding training workshops for in-house, as well as, State staff, etc. I made it through three managers and all but the last phase of lay-offs, due to the company being bought-out by a worldwide corporation.

This, being my initial experience on an IT project, it did not sit well with me. I then took the time since to consider different options to determine what, if anything else, I desire to do with my life, to earn a living for me and my family. I've worked for a couple of political campaigns, State House Rep and briefly on a Congressional campaign. I've done factory work in between here and there and, back in 2008, I revisited the IT project I was a part of through a staffing agency on a temporary, contractual basis, to right the wrongs of the person that replaced me immediately following my layoff. The usual, fix mistakes, update process, design and implement new processes, track and report my actions daily, knowledge transfer, and even to co-author an administrator's user manual with a project tech writer, at the time.

The entirety of my experience there, was barely shy of three years.

The past couple years or so, I've been reselling items. I did this to explore the potential of generating long-term entrepreneurial income, as it something I enjoy doing very much. However, at this point, I have not been, what I call, "successful" at it. Therefore, I find myself, after long deliberation, ready, willing and able to re-enter the technological workforce. Though, I admit, it is extremely intimidating to me right now. I have not kept up with tech trends, industry changes, etc. And, I find that employers are, in large part, more than anxious about my long absence from a field that is rapidly growing and changing.

Basically, what I'm looking for, is some solid advice to get myself back into the industry. My main points of interest are: processes, training and working with customers and company personnel from anything to defining requirements to conflict resolution, and the like.

I am grateful for any solid advice, constructive criticisms, leads, etc. that you all may have for me. Thank you in advance
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