Quick question: Cisco 2801 DSPS and FXS/FXO modules

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I have a few quick questions. I'm a CCNA but I'm looking to segway into CCNA voice. I have a lab of 2950/3550/3560(poe) switches and 2801/1841 routers.

Now I'd like to use one 2801 for a voice router. I have a VIC2-4FXO module but not much else. Firstly I'm looking to add DSPs for the VIC2-4FXO module.

Question 1: There are PVDM2 modules for the 2801 to add DSPS. How many slots does a c2801 have and is an 8mb module enough for a home lab.

Question 2: What does the VIC2-4FXO provide? Does it allow me to connect the router to a phone line and set up cucm or do I need the VIC2-FXS module for that?


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    The 2801 makes a great lab voice router, apart from all the noise the fans make.

    Answer 1: The 2801 has 2 PVDM/DSP slots, and a PVDM2-8 will do the job (just). Though you will have to remove the FXO card to configure transcoding and media pools. Only down side to the 2801 is remembering which slot is voice capable.

    Answer 2: The 4FXO card will allow you to connect to your home phone line, allowing you to test out dial peers & make/receive outside calls. An FXS card would allow you to connect to an analogue handset or fax unit. The config for each is very similar, so if you are on a budget it can be skipped.

    If you can, more DSPs are always better (saves shuffling interface cards), and adding a VWIC-1MFT-E1 is also a plus.
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    The PVDM2-32 and PVDM2-48 were running $25-30 on eBay last I checked.
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    Not in the UK. Shipping from the us costs a fair bit too. What sort of capacity PVDM2 would be ideal then?
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    A PVDM2-32 should cover it all.
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    Thanks. I also happen to have a VWIC-1MFT-E1, a single slot bri card and a 4 interface bri card in a 2610 that I couldn't sell from my CCNA lab. Are they of use?
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    Only the E1 card is of any real value. I'm not sure you could give away BRI cards :)
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